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Elevated Work Platform (EWP), Truck Mounted Crane (TMC) & Combi Lift

EWP Training Course
To produce an operator who has a sound understanding of how to use an Elevated Work Platform (EWP) and who can demonstrate safe operating practices in its use in the workplace.
EWP Training Course Refresher
To refresh the knowledge of a Unit Standard trained EWP operator to ensure they have a sound understanding of the operating principles of EWPs and who can demonstrate safe operating practices in a work environment.
A practical and theory-based course designed to provide drivers, handlers and operators the skills and knowledge to safely and legally operate truck-mounted load lifting equipment in any applicable environment.
To produce operators who are able to describe the control of hazards associated with operating a Combi-Lift, check and prepare a Combi-Lift before use, operate a Combi-Lift and carry out post-operational procedures.
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